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Sagres, Portugal

October 3, 4 & 5, 2024 NEW DATE!

Empowering Dentists With the Tools They Need to Build a Robust Leadership and Drive Change!

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Soft Bites Podcast

Manuela Soares Rodrigues and Jorge André Cardoso joined on a podcast to reflect on both the challenges and beauty of dentistry as a profession and its impact on one's life’s, hopes and dreams.


When you look from the outside in, you might see 2 dentists who have confidence and clarity about delivering their best dentistry, creating a schedule and working with a team.

Well, we have to laugh because even though we have learned the skills and implemented systems… that certainly didn’t happen overnight, and we made many mistakes.

It took us the last 20 years in dentistry – but we’ve cracked the code. We enjoy working in Dentistry!

And now we are sharing our behind-the-scenes processes so you can finally practice the dentistry you dream about.

"A very rich course.

A breath of fresh air."

- Luis Bessa

Dentistry, ISCSN – CESPU
Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery, Universidade Federal Rio de Janeiro
Post graduate in Orthognatic Surgery, UFRJ, Rio de Janeiro

Here is what 99% of Dentists are missing

You know that your everyday Dentistry practice “should” be more organized to see the type of growth you want.

But what most Dentists are missing... Organized dentistry and self-awareness of feelings, speech, and actions, as well as of the situations.

You read it right. Dentistry can feel so. much. easier.

And to prove it to you, we want to invite you to our 3 days immersive course, Conscious Leadership in Dentistry.

In it, we’ll be sharing the skills and the systems to put in place to run your everyday dentistry in the background allowing you to fully step into a visionary role as a dentist.

Systems keep you organized – with way less effort. This means your time is freed up to focus on the important and revenue-generating tasks you love.

Mindfulness and Emotional Intelligence will bring you excellency!

Dentistry that feels 100% less overwhelming and 100% more fun. 

And these systems, techniques and skills are built around YOUR EVERYDAY DENTISTRY PRACTICE that you already have.

We want this to be a very practical course for you because when your days run smoother, dentists relax and get their time, flexibility and creativity back.

And when dentists spend their work hours focusing on the tasks they enjoy, their profit will rise, therefore.

More time back. More revenue. And a job you enjoy.


Conscious Leadership in Dentistry Programme is an intensive learning experience that will enhance your leadership capabilities and empower you to negotiate balance among all areas of life that are important to you.

Over the course of three immersive days, you will explore how your identity shapes your experience, practice of daily dentistry, and leadership. You will dig deep into what it takes to show up as a dentist with your whole authentic self, and how the dynamics of your working environment can help or hinder your effectiveness as a dentist.

You will also have the opportunity to connect to an exclusive community of peers that will inspire and support you.

A Dentistry where you’re working ON it instead of FOR it… focusing on doing the work that lights you up and moves your career forward.

We want to see empowered Dentists supported in making wise changes in their systems.

And no ❌ you don’t need to be a clinic owner (or to want to own a clinic) to make it happen.

Join our Conscious Leadership in Dentistry Immersion Course so you can go from overwhelmed to overjoyed when it comes to your everyday dentistry.

When you attend our course, you’ll learn:

  • The step-by-step process to implement a system in your everyday dentistry practice (with templates and practical resources ready to apply) that will make you save time.
  • Learn practical leadership tools, emotional intelligence, and mindfulness, to take your practice to the next level.
  • How to create concrete boundaries (and finally keep them!) so you don’t end up working until late hours… again.

Plus, so much more!

Say bye-bye to task and hello to creative, impact-driving work you dreamed about during your university years.

"Very enriching course! André and Manuela approach important topics that are completely neglected in our academic training. They give us practical tools and tips to manage all the “non-clinical” part of our work. Without a doubt, I recommend it to all dentists!"

- Catarina Caetano


Conscious Leadership in Dentistry
Immersion Course

A behind the scenes at our top systems and skills to reclaim confidence, clarity, and control back to your dentistry practice.

In this course we will show you the practical leadership tools, to help you going from overwhelmed to overjoyed in Dentistry:

  • How to define your boundaries and non-negotiables. Get ready to design a life and dentistry practice on your own terms so you can do what you want (and delegate the rest effectively).
  • Ways to organize your time so you can continuously create and not feel stressed. With good time management, and solid systems you can make space in your day (and in your mind) for connection, curiosity, and creativity.
  • The step-by-step process you can take to transition from “busy overwhelmed” to relax (without sacrificing our business goals or creating less impact).
  • Learn practical mindfulness, emotional intelligence, and leadership tools to unlock your full potential at work and in life. Emotional intelligence and compassion and other human-centered skills can unlock team engagement, increase collaboration from patients, enhance performance and improve well-being.
  • How to navigate uncertainty with greater ease. Learn to increase your capacity to be productive, resourceful, and creative while dealing with changing circumstances or adversity. Increase focus and attention.
  • Experience greater overall well-being. Reduce and manage stress by understanding the physiology of stress and identify your unique stress agents. Recognising the patterns of worrying and self-criticism that often generate more stress; Change habitual reactivity patterns.
  • Learn how to communicate more effectively.
  • Learn practical self-care tools to help you thrive, perform at your best, and build resilience.

Our Methodology:

  • Highly Interactive: Our program is a blend of content and interaction.
  • Experiential: We don’t just share the information, but create a safe learning environment for you to experience it
  • Immediately Applicable: Our program is highly practical, equipping you with tangible skills that you can easily integrate into your everyday dentistry practice.
  • Evidence-based: Based on the latest neuroscience and research, our program is updated as new research becomes available.
  • Led by Expert Teachers: Both Manuela and Jorge André are experts in their fields and have gone through intensive training to be certified to teach.
  • Taught in Community: Connect with like-minded dentists from around the world who face the same challenges and share a vision for dentistry.

This course is conscious leadership, practice and living. Such inspiring days! Jorge and Manuela are fantastic.

— João Afonso (Dentist)

Are you ready to take control of your dentistry work week (rather than the dentistry working you)?

Wouldn't it be amazing to get a feeling of accomplishment in your days rather than feeling like you are running around with your hair on fire?

Whatever your WHY: This course can help you feel in control of your dentistry practice in a sustainable way year after year.

After 20 years of Dentistry, we can confidently say – soft skills got us where we are today.

Without them, well let’s just say this ship wouldn’t have been able to set sail in the same ways.

Many dentists focus mostly on the technical competencies but often forget what are the underlying competencies that make their days (and practice) running smoothly – human skills.

Soft skills and systems are the secret to being more efficient and stress-less in your dentistry while meeting, reaching, and exceeding your goals.

They’re the blueprint you need to run your everyday dentistry efficiently and with clarity.

And they are essential to releasing the stuck and stifled feeling that shows up when you find yourself working in stress.

If you are willing to invest 3 days, we are excited to invite you to learn our effective systems so you can reclaim time, money and confidence in your dentistry – day in and day out.

Whether you'd like to join for professional development or to grow your clinic, by attending the course you will:

  • Grow your emotional intelligence skills: Develop greater self-awareness, the capacity to choose how you respond to challenging situations, and improve interpersonal skills that will allow you to better relate with others at work and at home.
  • Gain new insights about yourself: Explore your own personal preferences, motivators and purpose and discover how to improve your capacity to manage stress and make decisions.
  • Develop your leadership skills: Take your performance to the next level and become a more compassionate and effective leader.
  • Gain new practical tools: Learn and practice a wide range of mindfulness-based techniques to develop and integrate higher emotional intelligence into your daily life.

It’s time to stop feeling behind and start feeling in control.

If you possess a strong drive to develop leadership skills and engage in personal growth this course is for you!


Get your dental clinic finances in order!

Jorge André Cardoso wrote the book "Small Business Focus" out of need but it proved to be a winning formula: his dental clinic has been striving since then and is a financially healthy business. In his own words "a simple hack that forces your business to thrive".


About Us

Manuela was a general dentist for 18 years and decided to commit full time to the mission of helping other dentists develop self-awareness, emotional intelligence, and a conscious professional activity while promoting overall fulfillment in their lives.

Jorge André runs a multidisciplinary dental practice and is an active lecturer, a passionate clinical teacher, and an author who keeps finding ways to optimize work, simplify his life, find meaning and have fun in his journey.

With their ever learner mentality, they try to understand dentists' common struggles and create awareness, communication tools, and emotional insights to make dentistry a fulfilling activity while making space for one´s freedom, wonder, and creativity in this ride called life.

Manuela Soares Rodrigues

Degree in Dentistry (Instituto Superior de Ciências da Saúde, Portugal, 2001), Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Qualified Teacher (California University of San Diego, 2018), founder of Mindful Dentistry Training.

"My mission is to enable Dentists to create mindful and compassionate work environments. I'm passionate about empowering dentists and helping them to manage stress and to live a happier, more balanced life. Over the last few years, I've taken Mindfulness to the dental office with a reputable mindfulness program that is designed with dentistry in mind, and that better fits dentist’s needs. In 2020 I've launched my Mindful Dentistry Training online and started to work with dentists from all over the world."

Connect with Manuela

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Jorge André Cardoso

Degree in Dentistry, Porto Faculty Dental Medicine (2002), MClinDent Prosthodontics, Kings College London (2010), Honorary Clinical Teacher, Kings College London (2011-2015), Director of ORA Clinic, Espinho, Portugal

“I learn, I try and I think about stuff and how to make it simple, logical and compelling enough so I can teach it. I´ve been doing this in interdisciplinary esthetic dentistry for 20 years. I´ve had my share of successes by publishing articles, books chapters and lecturing internationally, got some prizes, university positions and felt fulfilling recognition between peers. To do this, I had to run my own practice that now has more than a dozen people. Dealing with and learning about people - patients, students, clinical and teaching teams - I made enough mistakes, had to learn a lot about myself and how we all function together. By sharing what I learned in both the clinical and management sides I want dentistry to be in the patient’s best interest and for dentists to feel free, fulfilled and have fun.”

Connect with Jorge André

All of this in a beautiful place in the south of Portugal, Sagres.

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Address: Sitio da Baleeira, 8650-357, Sagres

Price: 1650€

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Places are limited.

What’s included:

  • 3-day immersion course
  • Course workbook and downloadable resources for the clinical practice.
  • Clear in-action assignments, teaching how to use the acquired knowledge and build a workflow.
  • Coffee breaks and lunch
  • One dinner

Not included:

  • Airfare and transportation to the course venue
  • Accommodation (we can provide the contacts)

Let's talk!

If you have further questions about the Conscious Leadership in Dentistry Course, we’d be happy to answer them.

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What Past Participants Say

Learning from a diverse group of colleagues was really beneficial to me personally, not just learning from Jorge André and Manuela, but also from the group discussions. The discussions really helped me to get a sense that I was not alone in my struggles and that there were many things that we as dentists need to do, including sharing more and being more open with our needs and desires in order for us all to drive change in this profession. I gained self-awareness and knowledge during these 3 days, and I will absolutely be using some of the tools, resources and learnings from this course to make a difference in my career going forward."

- Ana Lacerda Forjaz (Dentist)

"An excellent course, not only professionally but also in terms of personal development. Both teachers are fully available and openly share all their knowledge. The atmosphere is welcoming and the course is held in a magnificent location."

- Gabriela Andrade (Dentist)

As Dentists we are extremely focused on clinical practice and forget about the essentials to maintain our own mental health from a human, administrative, management, etc. point of view. Only in this way can the entire system function harmoniously and sustainably. It is these important details that are addressed in this absolutely fantastic course that will allow you to reflect on our daily attitude towards ourselves, colleagues, staff, patients, as well as learn to manage your business and career as a leader, presented with complete openness and transparency by two amazing teachers."

- ACJ (Dentist)